Homemade Bread



Fried Calamari

Fried Mozzarella sticks

Chicken Fingers

Mussels  (Cozze marinara or in white wine sauce)


Fresh Tomato and Mozzarela (Caprese)

Garlic Bread Parmiggiana

Broccoli Parmiggiana

Baked clams (Vongole origanata)
Shrimp Cocktail

                  * Other  Appetizers prepared daily , ask  for  "Specials" *


Calamari Salad
..  (Chef Signature) 
Chef Salad
Tuna Salad
House Salad ( add Chicken, or Shrimps) Salad ( add Chicken, or Shrimps)
Caesar salad
Fresh Tomato Salad 
( with fresh basil, origano and red onions) 
Greek Salad  


Spaghetti Marinara
Spaghetti Bolognese( Meatsauce)
Cheese Raviolli
Tortellini -Cheese ( In Alfredo,Marinara or Pink Sauce)
Linguini Putanesca
Penne Alla Vodka
Penne Chicken and Broccoli
Linguini Clam Sauce (white or red)
Fettucini Alfredo
Spaghetti Carbonara
Penne Pomodoro ( Fresh tomato )
Gnochi ( Marinara , Alfredo or Pink sauce)
Spaghetti Meatballs or Sausage
Pasta Primavera ( mix vegetables)
Aglio-Olio ( Garlic & Oil, with or without Broccoli)
Pasta "La Rocca" ( our signature  House dish)*

 Baked    ( Alforno )                                                  
        * All entrees include your choice of soup or salad , Homemade Bread and Lava ! *

Baked Zitti
Lasagna ( Homemade )
Eggplant Rollatini
Eggplant Parmiggiana

Veal , Steak and Chicken    
                          ( Carni)                     
 All entrees include choice of soup or salad,Homemade Bread and Lava !

Veal Parmiggiana
Veal Francese
Veal Marsala
Veal Picatta
Veal Pizzaiola
Veal Fiorentina
Veal Cacciatore
Veal Rollatini Alla Gorgonzolla
Steak Of The Day  ( U.S.D.A) Choice grade or better
  ( * see Specials on the Board*)

Chicken Francese
Chicken Marsala
Chicken Piccata
Chicken Cacciatore
Chicken Pizzaiola
Chicken Parmiggiana
Chicken Mushrooms and Artichoke hearts
Chicken Fiorentina
Grilled Chicken with Vegetables
Chicken Rollatini Gorgonzolla

Seafood ( Pesce)                                                              
      * All entrees include your choice of soup or salad Homemade Bread and Lava  ! *

Dungeness Crab        (1Lb.)
Fried Calamari        ( Dinner Size.)
Zuppa Di Pesce                                                      ( All Mix seafood)
Mussles... Marinara or White wine sauce        ( over pasta)
Calamari Marinara                                                  ( over pasta)
Shrimp Scampi                                                           (over pasta)
Shrimp Marinara                                                      ( over pasta)
Grilled Shrimps with Vegetables   ( served with side pasta)
Snapper Francese                                 ( served with side pasta)
Snapper Fiorentina                              ( served with side pasta) 
Shrimps Parmiggiana                                           ( over pasta)
Shrimps Alla Vodka                                                ( over pasta )

  ( * Other Fish Specials  available also; 
ask for "Specials on the Board" )


Our Pizza is  aprox.16 " (40 cm.)  made by order, and is 
         THIN-CRUST (unless specified otherwise)*

      ( Cheese Pizza)
Pizza Bianca     ( White pizza) with Ricotta Cheese , Mozzarella and Spinach
Pizza Gorgonzolla
Pizza " Veggie"    ( Mix Vegetables)
Pizza Seafood    ( Mix Seafood, garlic, no cheese)
Everything Pizza
Calzone (served with side of our Marinara Sauce!)
 Toppings :  
 Pepperoni, Sausage, Meatballs,Extra Cheese,Peppers,Broccoli,Ham,Salami,Fresh
Tomato,Olives, Eggplant, Bacon,Pinaple,
Anchovies, Garlic.
( * Other Toppings available upon request, prices may vary based on items ordered)

Subs  ( Panini )                                             
             * All our Subs are made  with our Homemade Bread *

"Italian Pannino"
Tuna Sub
Meatball Parmigiana
Eggplant Parmigiana
Veal Parmigiana
Chicken Parmigiana
Phily Cheese Steak
Sausage ,Peppers and Onions
Peppers and Eggs
Red Snapper Sub (Grilled, Blackened or fried)
Grilled Chicken Sub

Kids Menu                                                                           

Fries topped with cheese
Kids Ravioli
Chicken Fingers and Fries
Soup & Salad
Spagetti Marinara
Penne Meatsauce
Macaroni and Cheese
Kid Spaghetti Meatball
Grilled Cheese

Desserts  and Drinks                                           

Cannoli                                                                                  Coffee
Tirami-Su (Homemade - Signature)                                     Cappucino
Orange Sorbetto                                                          Espresso
Limoncello Ice cream in a Flute             Domestic & Imported  Beers

                          Other Ocasional Homemade desserts*


Cabernet Sauvignon
Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Noir
White Zinfandel
Montepulciano D`abruzzo
Raymond Estate
Ruffino ( Classico) Riserva Ducalle
Santa Margerita
Opus One

Other Beverages

Sparkling and Natural Water ( San Pellegrino , Aqua Panna, Voss,  San Benedetto )
Iced Tea

Items based on availability
Menu subject to change without notice

12500 South Tamiami Trail
North Port, Florida-34287

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